Current Degree Plan

This plan should get me a Computer Science degree from Thomas Edison State University.

Gen Eds

Intellectual and Practical Skills

TopicTESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
Written CommunicationENC-101: English Composition ISophia.orgEnglish Comp I☑️
Written CommunicationENC-102: English Composition IISophia.orgEnglish Comp II
Oral CommunicationCOM-209: Public SpeakingUniversity of IowaAccelerated Rhetoric
Quantitative LiteracyMAT-232: Calculus IIUniversity of IowaLinear Algebra
Information LiteracySOS-110: Critical Information LiteracyTESUTake this one at TESU

Civic & Global Learning

TopicTESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
DiversitySOC-101: Introduction to SociologySophia.orgIntro to Sociology☑️
EthicsNo direct equivalency, that I can find, but a mapping on DegreeForum said there was an equivalent PHI-180: Intro to EthicsSophia.orgIntro to Ethics☑️
Civic EngagementAmerican GovernmentCLEPAmerican Government

Knowledge of Human Cultures

TESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
HUM-101: Introduction to the Humanities I: Philosophical ThoughtUniversity of IowaIntro to Philosophy
LIT-291: Analysis and Interpretation of LiteratureUniversity of IowaInterpretation of Literature
FIL-110: American CinemaCommunity College of Allegheny CountySurvey of Film
Community College of Allegheny CountyWord Power

Understanding the Physical and Natural World

TESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
University of IowaComputer Science II

Gen-Ed Electives

TESU CourseInstitutionCourse/TestDone?
PSY-101: Introduction to PsychologyUniversity of Iowa031-001: Elementary Psychology
Community College of Allegheny CountyFLC-103: Mythology
General Chemistry IUniversity of Iowa004-013: Principles of Chem I
Introductory AstronomyUniversity of Iowa029-050: Modern Astronomy
ECO-111: MacroeconomicsCommunity College of Allegheny CountyECO-102: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO-112: MicroeconomicsCommunity College of Allegheny CountyECO-103: Principles of Microeconomics
ART-150: Intro to Digital Graphics

Area of Study: Computer Science

Required Computer Science Courses

TESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
COS-111: Introduction to ProgrammingUniversity of Iowa22C-016: Computer Science I
COS-241: Data StructuresStudy.comData structures☑️
MAT-231: Calculus IUniversity of Iowa22M-035: Engineering Calculus I
MAT-270: Discrete MathematicsUniversity of Iowa22C-034: Discrete Structures
COS-240: Operating SystemsStudy.com105: Introduction to Operating Systems
COS-330: Computer ArchitectureStudy.com306: Computer Architecture
Lib-495: Lib Arts CapstoneTESUJust gotta take the course

Computer Science Electives

TESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
C ProgrammingUniversity of Iowa22C-010: Programming with C
System Analysis and Design I (CIS-320)University of Iowa06K-070: Computer Analysis
Software EngineeringStudy.comProgramming in Python
Study.comSystems Analysis & Design
Study.com303: Management Information Systems
Study.com303: Database Management


TESU CourseInstitutionCourseDone?
BUS-101: Introduction to BusinessPrevious UniversityBUS-101: Intro to Business
LAW-201: Business LawPrevious UniversityBUS-251: Business Law
Previous UniversityCRM-111: Criminology
Previous University049-129: Advanced Stage Combat
Community College28S-005: Fitness and Wellness for Life
Community College057-005: Engineering I
Community College057-005: Engineering I

✅ Completed, transferred in, and approved by TESU.
☑️ Coursework completed, but not yet transferred in.

Last updated: March 2023