University of Iowa

Attended 1998-2002

Fall 98Engineering Calculus 122M 0354A
Engineering II057 0063A-
Intro to Philosophy026 0063C
Principles of Chemistry I004 0133C+
Freshman Seminar057 0900R
Spring 99Engineering I057 0053C+
Accelerated Rhetoric010 0034C-
Great Musicians025 0143D-
Computer Science 122C 0164F
Fall 99Interpretation of Literature08G 0013A
Computer Science 122C 0164A-
Survey of Film36F 0023B
Intro to Linear Algebra22M 0274B-
Calculus II22M 0264C
Spring 00Advanced Stage Combat049 1293A
Discrete Structures22C 0343B-
Modern Astronomy029 0503C
Fitness and Wellness for Life28S 0052D
Elementary Psychology031 0013C-
Intro to Physics I029 0174W
Fall 00Programming with C22C 0103B
Computer Analysis06K 0703B
Word Power: English08N 0503B
Coputer Science II22C 0204F
Tae Kwon Do I28S 0671S
Elementary Numerical Analysis22C 0363W
Spring 01Computer Science II22C 0204D+
Programming in C++22C 0123D-
General Astronomy029 0624D-
Probablity & Statistics Eng Phy Sc22S 0393W
Fall 01Web Search Engines021 1421A
Computer Organizations & Hardware22C 0404D
Algorithms22C 0443F
Programming Language Concepts22C 0543F
Computer Graphics22C 1513W
General Astronomy029 0614W
Spring 02Computer Science III22C 0303B+
Algorithms22C 0443F
Programming Language Concepts22C 0543F
Sp Topics Archaeology113 1983F
Epic and Tragic Lit08G 0043F
Intro to American Politics030 0013F
Summer 02Science Fiction008 1823F
Programming Language Concepts22C 0543F
Algorithms22C 0443F
Intro to Systems Software22C 0503F

Community College of Allegheny County

Attended 2003-2004

Fall 2003Intro to Digital GraphicsART 1503B
Business Law IBUS 2513A
Principles of MacreconicsECO 1023C
Intro to BusBUS 1013C
Small Bus ManagementBUS 2403F
Spring 2004Survey of CriminologyCRM 1113A
Principles of MicroeconomicsECO 1033C
MythologyFLC 1033C
Elementary FrenchFRE 1013F
Personal ConditioningHPE 1271A


Taken in 1999

Fall 99Social Science3
Fall 99Historical Perspectives3

Taken in 2020-2021

Course namecompleted date% complete
Introduction to Sociology2020-11-2897.00%
Introduction to Ethics2020-11-2996.00%
English Composition I2021-02-2593.00%
Introduction to Information Technology2021-03-0184.00%