Computer Science 201: Data Structures & Algorithms from

About two weeks ago I completed all of the required work for Computer Science 201: Data Structures and Algorithms from Yesterday I received an email that all of my work had been fully graded, and I passed with a 93%. - CS 201 – CS 201

This course was duplicative with course work I have done in the past, and I have also been a professional software developer for a couple of decades. I had a pretty good handle on a lot of the concepts, but I was certainly rusty in a few areas.

I would tend to procrastinate doing a good chunk of work day to day. Over the course of four weeks or so, I finished about 40% of the lectures and quizzes.

Then, in a fit of pique, I finished all of the remaining quizzes, did the required final assignment, and took the final exam in one day.

It was a relief to get it wrapped up and feel the first bit of progress in a long time.