English Composition I on Sophia.org

As of yesterday, I am finished with English Composition I on Sophia.org. It is worth 3 ACE credits, and should satisfy the English Comp I requirement for my degree plan.

I found this course to be a massive drag. The course content is largely learning about punctuation and grammar, how to structure an essay, and how to cite sources. It is very geared towards fresh college entrants. If you have any academic experience at all, it is a real slog.

This course took me forever to finish because of how little I wanted to do the work. I started out engaging with it like I had with other courses; I would read each section, take notes, then answer the questions and take the exams.

After one section I realized what a huge waste of time it was. I already knew all of the answers. So I just went through answering questions and taking exams, and finished 90% of the challenges in about an hour.

The thing that slowed me down was writing papers. This course has 5 writing assignments. None of them are particularly hard necessarily, but I sure hate writing papers. I ended up writing a paper, on average, every other weekend, which means it took me a couple of months to get through everything.

I finished with a 93%. Since this is really a pass/fail situation, I technically put more effort into the papers that actually necessary.

Course notes are here.